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Believer's Links

For Spiritual Growth and Daily Living

Welcome to my homepage dedicated to Links that will aid in your daily

walk. I am happy that you came to look around. May your daily Spiritual

Growth continue to bring you closer to our Heavenly Father, His Unique Son and our Comforter.

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Congregational, Custom Residential and Commercial Design Help

Employment Opportunities


Images and Clip Art

Broadcasting/Networks & Internet Service

Search Engines


Universities, Colleges & Schools

Bookstores / Businesses

Bible Study

Literary Works


Messianic an Hebrew Roots

Home Pages

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Faith, the final frontier...
These are the voyages of the human race; whose continuing mission is to trust God in all areas and not waver, to seek out new insights from His Word, and to boldly offer Salvation to all who’ll listen.
paraphrase by Graham Pockett (with apologies to Gene Roddenberry) - Christian Web Sites
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