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by Gary

As an Architectural Designer, I have found these sites quite helpful for added meshes and textures and for helping to advance my 3D skills. I hope they will help you too.

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Hit's since 10/24/97

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Meet my family here

  Visit: "Christian Links for Christian Living" - my homepage dedicated to helping others.

  Take a look at a Panoramic and an Animation created with 3D Studio Viz

  Also Visit: "Autocad By Gary".

  Here is a page where I keep animated gifs, give it time to post.

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My Architectural Rendering 101 - click here to see my work.

 How I Did It:

I used a combination of Autocad with Softdesk to create the basic building, using extruded solids and the roof generator program, then I imported it into 3D Studio Max and added the textures and rendered it with an existing site background. Then I saved the rendering to a .jpg format and opened it up in Photoshop to touch up the photo.

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3D Mesh Sites

3D Café

Block of the Month - Texture of the Week

CGW Cool Connections 3D Models

Complete Support for 3d Studio Max - this site has tutorials - sign up for a free 7-day trial

Kinetix 3D Site - the creators of 3D Studio Max

PC Graphics  

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Texture Libraries

Axem 3D Textures

CGSD's Real Texture Library

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Sites that sell 3D Studio Max Products

Cad Crafts - 3D Store - a great place to purchase plug-ins

Crystal Graphics - this site sell 3D Studio Max

Digimation - this site sells 3D Studio Max

Graphic Dimensions - this site sells 3D Studio Max 

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If you have any comments or questions, please email me at gary@designsbyglm.com

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